Welcome to J Magical Art!

My name is Julita Dirsaite, I am self taught, Fluid Art artist working with acrylic on canvas, alcohol Ink art. Fluid Art is a fascinating painting technique.  Depending on the choice of paint, the medium, alcohol ink and the additives, different effects are created.

My inspiration comes from within, from my soul. I love Fluid Art as you can create adorable paintings with love and passion without any rules, just mix and pour on canvas and you can see amazing results, sometimes people faces, animals, birds and so on, amazing pieces of art.

Thank you so much for taking you time and interest into my work.


June - July, 2021 - Critics Award "Vita Nova" and Culture Identity Award in Palazzo Borghese, Florence, Casale Monferrato (Alessandria)
Award from this event - Dante Alighieri Award (high-quality personalized plaque). - Publication of the work admitted in the June / July issue of the magazine Art NOW.


April, 2021 - Viaggiare Con La Mente, Palazzo Ducale in Genova, Italy

June - July, 2021 - Solo Exhibition in Direct Art Action UK Gallery and Art Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom